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Apollo Food

About Apollo

The Apollo Story

The Apollo brand has existed in working kitchens for over 25 years, meeting the needs of our customers, helping local chefs connect to global cuisine and inspiring their creativity.

Together we are inquisitive culinary explorers who share a passion for great tasting, high quality and authentic food. We seek to navigate uncharted waters in a spirit of adventure, exploring new ideas, discovering the cuisines and flavours that fuel and excite the lives of people in all corners of the world.

Masters of Creations

Hand in hand we work with chefs across Europe to push the boundaries of food excellence. We continue to seek new ways to connect chefs to authentic and clean food and help the fusion of global influences into our local palate.

Together we are on a culinary journey of discovery, an adventure that will raise the bar of food quality, serve up culinary masterpieces and create new sensory food experiences for our customers.

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Frans Bon

Culinary Advisor Apollo

With over 20 years’ experience as a respected head chef and his passion for bringing world flavours to his local customers, Frans Bon is renowned for his attention to detail and impactful flavours. Frans has been an advocate of Apollo since 1995, supporting our mission to deliver great tasting, market leading culinary ingredients that provide authentic global flavours.

Apollo inspires us daily in creating the most delicious menus. The variety of sauces blend harmoniously with spicy, slightly smoky, or intensely aromatic sweet flavours, offering a unique culinary experience.
Apollo Customer, Romania
Apollo's experience and professionalism create a complete and complex range of recipes inspired by the most refined gastronomy of the world, giving chefs inspiration and inventiveness to create truly extraordinary dishes.
Apollo Customer, Romania
The ingredients chosen by the Apollo brand enhance the specific flavours of vegetables or meats, with masterly use of spices specific to the exotic gastronomy of the world. Thus, each plating becomes an art.
Apollo Customer, Romania

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